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About Me - Mirka Danocziova

About Me

My name is Mirka and I love everything about personal growth, mindset and living the life to the fullest.
Being born in Czechoslovakia back in the 80s the only little bit of personal development I got was from my loving family and the church.
Back then I always felt restricted, boxed in so to say.
You see, during communism, all emphasis was on the ‘’Community’’ - individual growth was literally nonexistent.
I feel blessed to be born at the end of that era, to have the opportunity to leave my country at the age of 19 and to become ME..... (which by the way took another decade or so to discover).
Without any regrets whatsoever, I am ever so grateful for all the good and bad I've been through. As without any of those experiences, I would not have become who I am now.
In my early days, I was a rebel (LOL I used to beat up boys in the nursery), later I felt like the odd one out. I was the tallest and the biggest of all the girls, and I used to go to church every Sunday (which they didn't).
There were many embarrassing moments, disappointments, insecurities around my weight and looks...
To sum it all up, I wanted to be The Perfect Mirka.
Perfect for my parents and family. I let them choose my career path.
Perfect for my friends. I behaved the way it was accepted by them.
Perfect for school and church. Obeying all the rules.
Perfect for society.
How much PRESSURE is that on a little GIRL?????
Striving to be ''a perfect image for someone else''.
It didn't get better when I moved to Germany. I became obsessed with my looks, there was the pressure from the magazines. To look a certain way. Be a certain way in order to be attractive.
Meanwhile, the REAL ME was screaming inside to be finally released into the world and enjoy life.
I don't know how about you, but I truly believe in the synchronicity of life, the divine timing, and our life's purpose.
So finally in my early 30s life brought me to meditation. Then on one Christmas Eve, my dad gifted me my first personal development book from Louise Hay 'You can heal your life'.
Since that day my life took on a whole new level. At some occasions, it was very tough and painful. Eventually, after all that work I've let the Real Me out.
By allowing myself to fully listen to my heart, I let go of anything that didn't serve me. I acknowledged the part of me that was eager to coach.
Me, who is passionate about supporting other women to step into their power and be themselves. Me, who loves and appreciates life completely. The Spiritual Me. And most of all, I've learned to Love Me just the way I AM.
Oh, and I ditched the word Perfect 🙂
And dear reader, this is what I wish for you as well. To allow yourself to be the Real You and to love yourself exactly the way YOU Are.

With Love,
Mirka x

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